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  • Custom gunsmithing
  • Custom Triggers on S & Ws
  • Night sites
  • Hammer work
  • Grips
  • Engraving
  • Action Work Price List

  • Custom gunsmithing

    "D.O. Reichard at work, with Marty Hays looking on"

    D.O. Reichard, gunsmith
    Experts Say:

    All of Reichard’s S&W .44 six-guns have the same deluxe $130 action job. He turns these guns around in about two weeks from his custom shop, Sand Burr Gun Ranch, Rochester, Indiana. Each Reichard .44 is furnished with Meprolight night sights; he installs them for $120 including parts (a little more if the sight ramp has to be cut). If it’s true the new millennium is a time for a return to old values, Dennis O. Reichard and his S&W .44 Magnums might just come back into style.

    Massad Ayoob in Guns Magazine

    Denny Reichard, a police detective from Indiana, was shooting in the end position with his beautifully engraved .44 Magnum and every time he fired a shot it sounded like a cannon going off. Denny, who is also a gunsmith, was a popular man for those of us who brought revolvers as our second guns. He would check out your revolver and say “well, I can fix that in a minute or two” and then seemed to perform magic with a few little turns of his screwdriver.

    Linda Pendleton in Women & Guns

    Custom Triggers on S & Ws

    Experts Say:

    Reichard is famous in the region for having won several state championships in NRA Action Pistol with Smith sixguns. He's even more famous for the splendid action jobs he does on them.

    Massad Ayoob in Shooting Industry

    Night sites

    Hammer work: Bobbed hammers , De-hammer

    Grips , Laser grips


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    Action Work Price List

    Tuned Actions
    Deluxe Action $ 130.00
    Bobbed Hammer $ 36.00
    Radius Trigger $ 60.00
    Radius Hammer $ 24.00
    Radius Rear Sight $ 40.00
    Honed Cylinders $ 30.00
    Chamfer Cylinders $ 30.00
    Chamfer Forcing Cone $ 21.00
    Chamfer Throat $ 21.00
    Polish Extractor Rod $ 30.00
    Polish All Screws $ 30.00
    Rings Lapped $ 50.00
    Barrels Lapped $ 55.00
    Extra Long Firing Pin $ 20.00
    Remove Single Action Cocking Notch (Machine Cut) $ 40.00

    Night Sights Installed
    Price of Night Sights + Hourly Rate
    Front Sight only, Big Dot or Mepro on Pinned Sight Only $ 120.00
    Mepro Front and Rear Adjustable Rear Sight
    (Pinned or Notched Front on K,L,N, and X Frame)
    $ 175.00
    Front Sight Insert $ 42.00
    Insert Notch (Machine Cut) $ 60.00

    Shop Rate per hour $ 60.00
    Labor Minimal Charge $ 35.00

    ION Bond $650.00 all Smith & Wesson frame sizes.

    We work on Smith & Wesson Revolvers Only
    Dennis O. Reichard, Smith & Wesson Armorer

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