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Massad Ayoob Courses

MAG 40

This is an intense, four-day, 40-hour immersion course in the "rules of engagement" for armed law-abiding private citizens. The course emphasizes legal issues, tactical issues, and aftermath management. Topics will include interacting with suspects, witnesses, responding police officers, threat recognition and mind-set, and the management of the social and psychological aftermath of having to use lethal force in defense of self or others. Also covered is preparing beforehand for legal repercussions and minimizing your exposure to them. Situations in the home, at the place of business, or "on the street" will all be covered.

Range work will include instruction in the use of the defensive handgun under extreme stress. Drawing from concealment, two-handed stances, shooting from cover, one-handed stances with either hand, speed reloading, and more are taught with an overall emphasis on fast, accurate shot placement. The course will culminate with a written examination covering the classroom topics and a police-style handgun qualification course. This course is a blending of MAG 20/Classroom and MAG 20/Live Fire but is taught over 4 - 5 days. Be prepared to shoot on the first day.

Prerequisite: basic understanding of firearms safety.

Call Sand Burr Gun Ranch 574-223-3316 for class reservations. 50% of class fee required to reserve class space.

Visit http://massadayoobgroup.com for more about Massad Ayoob Group (MAG).

MAG 80

An intensive study of defensive firearms that teaches extreme speed for hits, and includes shooting at greater distances, and management of such contingencies as weak hand draws, one-hand only reloads and malfunction clearing if wounded, etc. Students receive several hours of hands-on training in handgun disarming,and in countering attempts by an attacker to disarm them. Shooting while moving, and use of long guns for defense,are amoung the areas covered. Round count: 500 handgun, 100 long gun. Prerequisites: MAG-20/Classroom plus MAG-20 Live Fire; MAG 40/LFI-I 50% of class fee required to secure class space. Contact Sand Burr Gun Ranch for reservations. 574-223-3316

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