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  • Denny O. Reichard (Founder & Chairman)
    Experts Say:

    Reichard is famous in the region for having won several state championships in NRA Action Pistol with Smith sixguns. He's even more famous for the splendid action jobs he does on them.

    Massad Ayoob in Shooting Industry

    Experts Say:

    Denny Reichard, a police detective from Indiana, was shooting in the end position with his beautifully engraved .44 Magnum and every time he fired a shot it sounded like a cannon going off. Denny, who is also a gunsmith, was a popular man for those of us who brought revolvers as our second guns. He would check out your revolver and say "well, I can fix that in a minute or two" and then seemed to perform magic with a few little turns of his screwdriver.

    Linda Pendleton in Women & Guns

    Experts Say:

    There are those who have carried .44 Magnums strictly for the machismo of it. But most can’t handle the .44s legendarily potent recoil when put to the test. D. O. Reichard is not among them. He has won the Indian State Championships of NRA Action Shooting multiple times with his .44s. I recall shooting against D. O. Reichard in Bianchi Cup in the early ‘80s. Reichard was competing with a 6 ½ inch Model 29.

    Massad Ayoob in the Guns Magazine

    Experts Say:

    Thank you for allowing us at your home in July for the Kubotan class. Despite years of study in HapKiDo and a form of Okinawa karate (when I was not behind a desk all day) and an advanced degree or two, I still managed to learn something (go figure). I appreciate your taking time to instruct us.

    Kirk Freeman, attorney at law

    Experts Say:

    Denny Reichard is a bear of a man who fires some 5,000 rounds of 180-grain full power hollow-points through his duty S&W .44 Magnum every year. Needing no other gun for himself—he even shot his weapon with his duty holster at Bianchi Cup—he trains with automatic pistols solely to retain skills he can share with students who chose that type of gun for reasons as germane to them as the big Magnum was to him. He is deadly with either.

    Massed Ayoob in Guns Magazine

    Experts Say:

    A firearms instructor for many years, D. O. Reichard also teaches for Lethal Force Institute. The gun he uses there is invariably his trademark .44 with the 180-grain, 1,600 fps load. This ammo delivers a terrific object lesson in learning how to control recoil. It also adds to the satisfaction of shooting. Those who have seen Reichard compete have nicknamed him “Rolling Thunder.” The revolver burned so hot from the powerful rounds that Reichard modified the conventional speed-reloading technique so he wouldn’t burn his hands.

    Massad Ayoob in Guns Magazine

    Police Duties
    • Full-Time Police Officer: 1974 to date
    • Detective & Chief Investigator for Major Crimes Unit of the Rochester Police Dept
    • Founder and Chairman of Sand Burr Gun Ranch
    • Instructor - Lethal Force Institute
    • Chief Trainer - Akron Police Department
    • Security Training Instructor - Culver Academies
    • Firearms Instructor - North Judson Police Department
    • Private Consultant - Security and Investigations
    • Firearms & Defensive Tactics Instructor - Sand Burr Gun Ranch
    Specialized Training:
    • Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Basic Course
    • Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs
    • Indiana Law Enforcement Academy: Response to Armed Hostage Situations
    • Firearms Instructors’ Course
    • Certified - Smith & Wesson Armorer’s School
    • Certified - Glock Armorer’s School
    • Southern Police Institute Homicide School
    • Hocking College Homicide School
    • South Bend Police Department Death Investigation
    • South Bend Police Department Robbery in Progress
    • Indianapolis Police Department Burglary/Robbery Investigation
    • Seminars in Forensic Anthropology and Archeology
    • Seminar in Forensic Entomology
    • Certificate - Kinesic Interview One and Two
    • Cerificate - Stress Management
    • Cerificate - Domestic Violence
    • Cerificate - First Responder to Hostage and Terrorist Incident
    • Certificate - Burglary/Robbery Indiana Police Department
    • Bliss – Indiana Police Civil Liability
    • Lethal Force Institute Advance Lethal Threat Management
    • Lethal Force Institute 1, 2, 3, &4
    • Lethal Force Institute Handgun Retention
    • Lethal Force Institute Weapon Retention Instructor
    • Lethal Force Institute Persuader Instructor
    • Advanced Trainer Certificate/Handgun/Long Gun Retention and Disarming
    • National Rifle Association Police Firearms Instructor
    • Monadnock Instructor - PR 24
    • Monadnock Instructor - Pursuader Police Baton
    • Defensive Training 50 hr course John Farnam
    • Defensive Training 40 hr course John Farnam
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation Pistol School for Instructors
    • Instructor - Indiana Hunter Education
    • CPR Certified - Fulton County E.M.S.
    • Hazmat Trained - Elkhart Fire Department
    • Blood Borne Pathogens - Fulton County EMS
    • Home & Vehicle Defense - Thunder Ranch
    • Chapman Academy Advanced Course of Pistol Craft - Master Rating
    • Yavapai Firearms Tactical Use MP5 Submachine Gun
    • ICPA - Advanced Hostage Negotiations
    Professional Recognitions & Memberships
    • Members of American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers
    • Two Letters of Commendation: Lethal Force Institute - Massad Ayoob
    • Letter of Commendation: Indiana State Police - Homicide Investigations
    • Two Certificates of Appreciation - Lions Club
    • Certificate of Appreciation - Fulton County EMS
    • Charter Member ICPPA
    • Ancilla College - Guest Lecturer on Criminal Justice
    • Nominee for NRA Legion of Honor
    • FOP Member, Past and Current President
    • Director Fulton County Conservation Club
    • National Rifle Association Member
    • Member Jefferson Township Rifle and Pistol Association
    • Order of the Arrow - Boy Scouts of America
    Shooting Accomplishments
    • Indiana NRA Action Pistol State Champion: 1980, 1981, 1982 and 1983
    • Bianchi Cup Competitor 1984
    • Award Winner - Second Chance Combat Shooting
    • Lethal Force Institute Top Scorer LFI - 4 Double Duty Standard
    • Lethal Force Institute Top Scorer LFI - 4 FBI Shotgun x2
    • Lethal Force Institute Top Scorer LFI - 4 DEA SMG
    • Master Rating - Chapman Academy

    Ashley Reichard Gibbons (President & General Manager)

    Experts Say: “A lady in charge: the next generation”

    “When Denny Reichard's daughter, Ashley, took over his gun shop, she virtually tripled sales. There are lessons to learn from her. Dennis Reichard opened the Sand Burr Gun Ranch in Rochester, Ind., about 22 years ago…. When Denny offered his daughter the job of manager at Sand Burr, she was eager to get back to the world of the guns and took him up on his offer in June 2004. Ashley Reichard, literally grew up with a gun in her hand. She began shooting at age four with a .22 revolver. She loved receiving guns for her birthday and Christmas presents. When she went off to college, and later moved to California to run a microbiology lab, her customized S & W LadySmith .38 Special went along with her. Ashley grew up with gun people, and as a result, is fluent in every dialect of the language of firearms. Yes, she gets a lot of, "Hey, where's the manager? I want to talk to a man about this." But that dissipates quickly as customers realize she knows her stuff. Within a matter of months, Ashley Reichard proved that she was more than up to the task of taking the helm of a male-oriented business.”

    Massad Ayoob in Shooting Industry

    Personalized training for women

    At Sand Burr women can receive personalized training from expert female instructors.

    Visiting Experts

    Massad Ayoob

    Massad Ayoob, LFI's founder, is the acknowledged expert on the use of deadly force in self-defense by civilians. Massad had long been an advocate for the armed citizen but his experience as a police officer illustrated to him how poorly the average citizen understood the laws concerning deadly force. In an attempt to correct the dangerous misconceptions on the subject, he wrote In the Gravest Extreme. The success of the book and flood of requests for additional training it generated led to the creation of the Judicious Use Of Deadly Force (LFI1) course and the establishment in 1981 of LFI as a full time training academy. Over the years Massad's LFI1, continually refined and updated, has remained the preeminent training course of its kind. Thousands of his students have used the knowledge they have gained to prevent being injured, arrested or sued by simple changes in their lifestyle and their response to the actions of others.
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    John Farnam

    John Farnam primary occupation, is lecturing and conducting instructional courses in defensive firearms for police departments, civilian groups and others throughout the US and overseas.After graduating from Cornell College with a BA in Biology, he entered the US Marine Corps Officer Candidate Program. After being commissioned a Second Lieutenant, he was sent to Vietnam as an infantry platoon leader. For the next fifty-one days, he was involved in heavy fighting and was awarded three Purple Hearts. He served the remainder of his active duty time in the United States, training Marines. He remained in the Reserves and went on active duty several times per year until he retired in 1987. His branch is still infantry, and his rank at retirement was major. He has been a police officer since 1971, when he joined the City of Elroy Police Department as a patrolman. He is presently a fully commissioned deputy sheriff (Training Officer) for the Park County, Colorado Sheriff's Office.
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    Vicki Farnam

    Vicki Farnam has ten years experience teaching law enforcement and civilian students all across the country with her husband, John. She is vice-president of Defense Training International, Inc., a Colorado POST certified firearms instructor, a NRA certified instructor and a member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Instructors. In August of 1997, she was a guest instructor at the Firearms Range Master Certification Course at the Wyoming Law enforcement Academy. She will present "Cross Gender Training: When Men Instruct Women and Women Instruct Men in Firearms Training" at the IALEFI conference in September. As the Senior Handgun Instructor for the Women's Shooting Sports Foundation, she developed the curriculum for instructor certification courses. She has contributed articles to "Police Marksman" and other firearms publications. As an instructor, she often works with struggling shooters and upon request, she conducts all female law enforcement classes. In addition, she is on the board of directors of the Colorado Ladies Charity Classic.
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    Range Officers

    Austin Gibbons

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