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Tuition & Fees

Course Instructor Fees
Advanced Revolver Dennis Reichard $375.00
Advanced Snubbie Revolver Dennis Reichard $185.00
Basic Snubbie Revolver Dennis Reichard $185.00
Basic/Intermediate Handgun John Farnam $525.00
Defensive Revolver John Farnam $525.00
DTI Instructors Course John Farnam $525.00
Kubaton Dennis Reichard $85.00
Lever Rifle Dennis Reichard $185.00
MAG 120 Massad Ayoob $1,000.00
MAG 40 Massad Ayoob $800.00
MAG 80 Massad Ayoob $900.00
Standard Revolver Dennis Reichard $185.00
Tactical Handgun Henk Iverson $425.00
Urban Rifle John Farnam $575.00
Women's Advanced Handgun Vicki Farnam $525.00
Women's Basic Handgun Vicki Farnam $525.00


You can submit your application by downloading and printing the pdf. click here to download. Click here to download
Send the following to us by mail to
Sand Burr Gun Ranch
2111 E. 350 North Rochester
Indiana 46975
  1. The completed application.
  2. Credential qualifications.
    • No criminal history from a local law enforcement agency on official departmental letterhead
    • Evidence of current, active, full-time service with a public law enforcement agency, with the United States Armed Forces, or with government security agencies
    • Copy of a current concealed carry permit or federal firearms license
  3. Fees by cash, check or credit card. (see info about our credit card surcharge)

Credit card surcharge

We only accept VISA and MasterCard and there is a 4% surcharge for credit cards. We accept out of town checks for classes up to ten days in advance. We reserve the right to reject checks on sight unless patrons have made arrangements in advance. We accept cash and gold bullion.

Attention: Important information about ammo for courses

Please order your ammo 30-45 days before your class. Remember that companies need to ship your ammo ground. If you order less than 30 days out you run the risk of your ammo not being here on time. And, if you order custom or reloaded ammo from Sand Burr, then we need time to make it.

If you order from another company: If you are driving to the Sand Burr for your course, please have the ammo sent to your home and bring it with you. If you are flying, then have your ammo sent directly here to Sand Burr Gun Ranch. Please get your tracking numbers from the companies you order from so you can check on the status of its delivery. Ask the supplier to put your name and the course name and dates on each box.

Or, call us for quotes on factory or custom loaded ammo! It will be here waiting for you when you arrive.

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Sand Burr Gun Ranch

2111 East 350 North
Rochester, Indiana 46975
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