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"This section is for women and husbands who want their wives to receive individualized instruction designed for women. Couples that shoot together, stay together."

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  • Female Instructors

    Female instructors: include Ashley Reichard Gibbons & Vicki Farnam

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    Women's Basic Handgun

    This specialized two-day defensive handgun course is designed specifically for women who want to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully handle nearly any personal protection situation. Our goal is to provide information, instruction and drills that allow students to perform to the best of their ability.

    Subjects covered include:
    • firearms safety
    • safe gun handling
    • gun storage
    • handgun operation with particular attention to the autoloaders
    • drawing from a holster, purse or fanny pack
    • carrying defensive handguns concealed
    • mental alertness
    • situation awareness
    • danger avoidance
    • mental preparation
    • discretionary shooting
    • performing under stress
    • target scanning and quick identification
    • low light shooting exercises
    • practical defensive marksmanship
    Classroom subjects include the latest information on the physio/psychological aspects of lethal encounters, weapon/caliber selection criterion and force continuum.

    Course Length:
    Tuition: $525.00

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