Firearms are very useful for protection against burglars, robbers and intruders. Therefore, they are highly valuable and should always be kept in a secure location. A gun safe is ideal for this purpose because it protects your firearm from theft or damage. Special care is required when moving a gun safe. How can a gun safe be moved? Read on to discover various solutions to how to move gun safe.

Best Way To Move A Gun Safe And Its Characteristics

Gun Safe
Gun Safe

A gun safe is a cabinet or container that’s designed to store firearms, made of strong material and is equipped with a sophisticated lock. Firearms are stored in a gun safe to keep them from getting stolen, damaged or mishandled by unauthorized people. A gun safe also protects your firearm from harmful environmental conditions such as high humidity or extreme heat. Thanks to these characteristics, a gun safe is an excellent way to protect your firearm.The best way to find out how to move a large gun safe is by following professional tips and guidelines.

How To Move Safe And The Various Types Available

There are many types of gun safes today and they all require special care and attention when moving with a safe mover dolly. They include:

The biometric gun safe

This type of safe is equipped with a fingerprint scanner. Its locking mechanism uses the owner’s fingerprint. As such, it can be unlocked by placing your finger on a dedicated scanner at the top of the safe. After the biometric gun safe scans your fingerprint successfully, it opens up and provides access to your firearm. The chances of someone else having your exact same fingerprint is 1 in 64 million so the biometric gun safe is very secure even while moving a gun safe. This type of gun safe is available in different sizes. As such, firearm owners can buy one for their pistol, AR 15 assault rifle or shotgun. Most biometric gun safes are battery-powered for maximum portability and reliability even during an electrical power outage.

Biometric gun safe
Biometric gun safe

Fireproof and waterproof gun safe

This type of safe can protect your firearms from house fires, floods or hurricanes. It is made of steel which maintains a solid state up to a temperature of 2750 °Farenheit (1510 °Celsius). This type of safe also contains an insulated lining that prevents external heat from penetrating into the interior. Therefore, any firearms that have been placed inside a fireproof gun safe will stay safe from extreme temperatures. A fireproof and waterproof gun safe is medium to large. It is also categorized according to minute/temperature rating such as 75minute/1400 degrees. Furthermore, relocating it requires an owner to follow the procedures necessary when planning how to move a 500 lb gun safe using a gun safe moving dolly.

Fireproof and waterproof gun safe
Fireproof and waterproof gun safe

The in-wall gun safe

This specific gun safe is installed in the wall of your house. It is not portable like other types of safes because it remains stationary. The in-wall safe cannot be stolen due to its reinforced location. It is available with a wide range of locking mechanisms such as a fingerprint scanner, combination lock or electric keypad. Also, the in-wall safe is available in a wide range of sizes. This type of safe is ideal for gun owners who intend to live in their current location for a long time and desire maximum security for their firearms even when moving gun safe.

In-wall gun safe
In-wall gun safe

The hidden gun safe

The biggest security feature of this firearm safe is stealth. The hidden gun safe is designed to look exactly like regular household items so that an intruder cannot differentiate it from furniture, shelves, cabinets, picture frames or mirrors. A firearm owner can use a hidden gun safe to store pistols securely, shot guns or rifles in plain sight. Notably, a hidden gun safe can be susceptible to drilling or forceful entry. However, intruders will not even notice it and your firearms will stay safe and secure even if you move safe with a safe moving hand truck.

Hidden gun safe
Hidden gun safe

Car gun safe

Firearm owners often drive while carrying their guns. In such a case, the car gun safe comes in handy for keeping a firearm safely secured while moving a safe.This type of safe provides a better way to carry your firearm instead of simply putting it in the glove box. Normally, car gun safes are designed to carry a single handgun. However, there are some under-seat storage boxes that are designed to carry rifles or shotguns safely and securely. With a car gun safe, your firearms stay fully secured while driving along.

Car gun safe
Car gun safe

Under bed gun safe

One of the most innovative gun storage solutions is the under bed gun safe. It is installed under your bed and opens out like a drawer. An under bed gun safe makes it very easy to retrieve your firearm. A firearm owner can simply roll out of bed, reach under the frame, insert a security code and gain access to their firearm. Those who desire to have their firearms in a discreet, convenient location should buy an under bed gun safe. Notably, it makes the process of how to move a gun safe by yourself very easy.

Under bed gun safe
Under bed gun safe

Heavy-duty gun safe

This type of heavy safe is ideal for storing high value or dangerous firearms. A heavy-duty gun safe is impenetrable and can survive any attempts to open it forcefully. Some heavy duty gun safes tip the scales at 1200lbs (544.31kgs) and are fitted with a locking system containing 18 solid steel bolts each with a diameter of 1 1/2 inches. They also utilize a gear-driven locking mechanism that is resistant to punching, drilling or prying attacks. A heavy duty 500 lb safe that is firmly bolted down will survive any onslaught from intruders and keep your firearms safe. It also requires extra attention when planning how to move a large safe like this one.

Heavy duty gun safe
Heavy duty gun safe

The corner gun safe

There are situations where a firearm owner cannot install an in-wall safe. Such a situation would be when they are living in a rented house. In such a case, a corner gun safe comes in very handy. It is medium in size, very portable using safe dollies and designed to fit in the corner of a room. With a corner gun safe, firearms can be kept secure with minimal intrusion into the furniture or construction of the room.

Corner gun safe
Corner gun safe

Truck gun safe

Designed for use in pickup trucks and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), the truck gun safe is a secure container for your firearms. There are many designs and the most popular is the under-seat storage box gun safe. It fits under the back seat of an SUV, crew cab or double cab pickup truck. This safe is lockable and can hold large firearms such as automatic assault rifles, bolt-action rifles and shotguns. An under-seat storage box gun safe is lined with a special anti-slip material in the interior that prevents firearms from sliding around while driving or move gun safe. As such, it maximizes safety. The under-seat truck gun safe is equipped with dividers that also perform as truck gun rack for your rifles. As a matter of fact, a firearm can be stored here with its scope attached!

Under seat truck gun safe
Under seat truck gun safe

Nightstand gun safe

For firearm owners that desire convenient access, the nightstand gun safe is applicable. It is small and can be placed on your nightstand. The nightstand gun safe is most ideal for storing handguns such as semi-automatic pistols and revolvers. As such, firearm owners can grab their guns without having to leave their beds!

Nightstand gun safe
Nightstand gun safe

How To Move Safes And The Advantages Of Having A Gun Safe

The advantages of having a gun safe include:

Safety and security

A gun safe protects your firearms from many destructive threats. Firstly, it secures them from thieves using the built-in locking mechanism. It also protects firearms from harmful environmental conditions such as high humidity and extreme temperatures that can cause rusting or uneven expansion. Gun safes have a felt lining on the interior which protects your firearms from scratches. By providing these features, a gun safe ensures the safety of your firearms while enhancing their wellbeing. For these reasons, always exercise caution when arranging how to move a safe into a house.

A favorable environment

Storing firearms in a gun safe creates a good atmosphere for them. Gun safes are equipped with a felt insulator on the interior that maintains low levels of moisture and controls the levels of internal heat. By storing your firearm in a safe after moving it with a gun safe mover, it stays well protected from mold and rust. This increases the lifespan of your firearm.

It facilitates legality

In many jurisdictions around the world, it is illegal to leave firearms lying in the open where they can be handled by minors or unlicensed people. Storing your firearms in a safe is abiding by the law. By keeping them safely secured, a firearm owner can stay on the right side of the law and avoid criminal charges after making a move with a safe hand truck.

Easy access

Accessing your firearm becomes much easier after keeping it in a safe because its exact location is always known and accurate. Maintaining a habit of keeping guns in a safe prevents owners from forgetting where they put their firearms. This improves safety and guarantees the well-being of your firearms. When planning how to move a safe downstairs using gun safe dollies, always use professional equipment.

How To Move A Safe

Prepare For The Safe Moving Process

The first step in how to move a 2000 pound safe is preparing it for the move. Empty the safe of all firearms, ammunition and accessories to reduce its weight. This will also protect these items from possible damage during the move. After removing the contents, store them temporarily in a secure location such as a heavy duty firearm bag. Close the door of the gun safe and lock it. Ensure that it is firmly fastened to prevent it from swinging open accidentally during the moving process. Such an accident can cause bodily injury or significant damage to your property. Get some furniture blankets and wrap them around the body of the safe. Proceed to keep them in place using stretch wrap or packing tape. This extra padding will protect the gun safe from accidental denting while moving a safe down stairs.

Acquire The Right Moving Equipment For Gun Safe Moving

The safest, fastest and most reliable way to move your gun safe is by using a heavy duty dolly. Select one that has the dimensions that are necessary to handle the weight of your gun safe. Professional movers vouch for the dolly and other safe moving equipment because it is safe, dependable and quick. Measure the length, depth, height and weight of your gun safe before renting gun safe moving equipment from a local moving company. Remember to rent some durable supporting ropes or straps that can be used to secure the gun safe on the dolly.

Strategize The Exit Path When Planning How To Move A 1000 lb Gun Safe

The best way to move a safe is to plan the path that it will follow out of the house and into the moving truck. Take note of tricky corners, tight corridors and flights of stairs that can prove challenging during the gun safe moving procedure. During planning, measure the dimensions of your doorways, hallways and tight spots before the move begins. Compare them with the dimensions of your gun safe. After that, work out how it will safely fit through these sections of your house so that no trouble emerges on the way to the moving truck with the strong box loaded on a safe dolley.

When planning how to move a heavy safe, remove any objects along the exit path of your gun safe that could interrupt the dolly’s movement. Some examples of these are scattered boxes, tape, scissors or toys. With some chalk or masking tape, map the exit route of your gun safe from its current spot to the moving truck. After that, share the entire exit plan with your moving team. To keep everyone safe, agree on some warning signals that can be used in case something goes wrong along the way. Even better, have someone walking in front of the moving team to clear obstacles and ensure that everything is going according to plan.

Apply Some Protective Covering When Planning How To Move A 2000 Pound Safe

Even after covering your gun safe with protective padding, it still poses a risk to the walls and floor in your house. One wrong step and the entire gun safe can crash through the wall or crack the tiles on your floor. Therefore, place old rugs, large sheets or thick cardboard along the floor, doorways, tight corners and walls along the path that your gun safe will follow during the move on safe moving dollies. This keeps them protected throughout the moving process.

How To Move A Gun Safe With A Dolly

Align your heavy-duty dolly with one side of the gun safe. Instruct your moving team to stand on the opposite side and slightly tilt the gun safe. Slide the dolly safe moving tools underneath the safe. Instruct your moving team to reposition it upright such that the gun safe is sitting on the dolly’s loading surface.

As you exercise how to move a safe with a dolly, tie the gun safe to the heavy-duty safe dolly using the heavy-duty straps. Try to tighten the straps as much as possible so that they hold the gun safe firmly throughout the moving process. In doing so, the gun safe will stay firmly secure and in place.

During the process of implementing how to lift a safe, tilt the dolly back until it is resting on its wheels with the gun safe firmly secured on the load section. The weight of the gun safe will be evenly distributed so the safe moving dolly can be rolled all the way out of the house and onto the moving truck with minimal struggle. Proceed to follow the exit path and ask your moving helpers to keep the gun safe steady all the way out.

How To Move A 500 lb Safe By Loading It Into The Moving Truck

This is the last and most important part of moving your gun safe. It needs to be placed inside the moving truck safely with minimal effort. To achieve this, make sure that the moving truck is equipped with a motorized loading ramp. This is a must-have feature that makes it easy and safe to load the gun safe into the truck. Therefore, make sure that the moving truck has a motorized loading ramp before it is rented. The moving truck driver or technician can assist to place the gun safe carried with the gun safe dolly hand truck onto the loading ramp and safely maneuver it into the truck. Once it has been loaded in the back of the safe moving trailer, proceed to secure the gun safe onto the side of the vehicle using some heavy-duty straps or rope.

How Do You Move A Gun Safe Tips

  • Park the moving truck so that its rear section is facing the driveway or sidewalk that your gun safe will be approaching from.
  • While moving a gun safe, always protect the furniture, walls and door openings with scratch resistant material.
  • After planning out a path through which the gun safe will be moved using heavy safe moving equipment, leave an allowance of 1 foot on each side to make room for any wobbling or curving.
  • In case you are wondering how to move a safe down stairs, create a ramp with planks of wood for the dolly to roll over smoothly.

How To Move A Heavy Safe Down Stairs FAQs

Q: How many people should a gun safe moving team contain?

A: Your team for moving a gun safe should contain three to five people.

Q: Which is the safest way to load a gun safe into a moving truck?

A: The safest, quickest and easiest way to load a gun safe into a moving truck is through a motorized ramp or lift gate and a gun safe dolly. Also, the easiest way to solve how to move a gun safe downstairs is by using some ramps.

Q: Do I have to consider the law when moving my gun safe?

A: Yes. If your gun safe and firearms are being moved across state lines, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with firearms regulations in the new state to avoid breaking the law while moving a large safe. For example, the states of California, New York and Washington have very strict concealed weapon laws.

Q: Which methods of moving a gun safe should be avoided?

A: Avoid using golf balls or Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes to roll your gun safe out of the house. These methods are dangerous and bound to destroy the floor while increasing the risk of an accident.

Q: Is the weight of a gun safe important?

A: Yes. Always find out the weight of a gun safe before moving it. Any gun safe that weighs more than 600 pounds should be moved by a professional team to avoid expensive and fatal accidents.


Always store firearms in a gun safe because it protects them from theft while keeping them in great working condition. There are many different types of gun safes such as the under-bed and heavy-duty gun safes. Always follow the guidelines that are prescribed above when figuring out how to move a gun safe down stairs. Remember that safety comes first throughout the process.

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