Attaching a gun to any part of your body could become tiring during driving. Discover the best options for tucking away your pistol when you have to.

Do you invest in body holsters, so you wear your firearms all day? This is an easy way to carry your firearms everywhere you go, but how effective is this when driving?

Wearing a concealed holster around your waist could be discomforting, especially during long trips. On the other hand, your seatbelts do not work well with these holsters. You might suffer the risk of getting a gun spot on your skin or exposing yourself to other form of discomfort.

If you are caught in this scenario, then you are looking for the hidden car holster as a more favorable option. These car holsters keep your pistol tucked away in a safe corner of your vehicle without causing you any form of discomfort. The holsters are your best bet for keeping your firearms from prying eyes.

However, getting the best fit for your pistol model might require some market research. In this article, we bring the market research to your doorstep and recommend the best brands you will never find anywhere else. So, let’s get started!

Magnetic Car Holster for Flat top Handguns








  • Glock
  • 9mm
  • Springfield XD Tactical
  • S&W 40
  • Glock
  • 9mm
  • Beretta PX4
  • Taurus G2C
  • Springfield XD 45ACP
  • Glock
  • XDS45
  • Ruger LC9
  • 9mm
  • Springfield XD40
  • Glock
  • Taurus G2C
  • 9mm
  • High Quality
  • Great Price
  • Mounted Anywhere
  • Mounting Kit
  • Powerful Magnet Mount
  • Well-built structure
  • Economical
  • Perfect Gift Item
  • Universal Mount
  • Easy Install
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Universal Mount
  • Strong Magnet
  • Attractive Packaging
  • Affordable
  • Multi-Colored Design
  • Sturdy Structure
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Secure Magnet
  • Slide Feature
  • Specific Fit
  • Scratches Firearms
  • Weak Magnet Mount
  • Selective Fit
  • Fitment Specific
  • Not for Large guns
  • Fitment Specific
  • Description differences
VerdictFor quality and price, the DD Quickdraw holster is an excellent option. If you own any Glock pistol model, then this is the product you’ve been searching for.With an affordable price and risk-free mounting, the GunHold car holster is a recommended gift item for your loved one.With an excellent design and an affordable price, this car holster is the best choice for your compact-sized guns.The military camouflage car holster mount has one of the best designs you will ever across, and we say; the product is an absolute yes!

Gun Car Holster for Universal Fit










  • Dual Function
  • Strong Magnetic Mount
  • Mounts anywhere
  • Great Value
  • Sturdy Design
  • Soft and Snug
  • Universal Fit
  • Low-Priced
  • Durable Material
  • Detachable Design
  • Organized Spaces
  • Quality Material
  • Simple and effective
  • Lock Mechanism
  • Enables Children Protection
  • Multiple Mount Option
  • Dirt-proof design
  • Weak Adhesive
  • Slight modifications
  • Not Tight Fit
  • Not a trigger guard
  • Mount Specific
  • Expensive
  • Tricky Install
VerdictAlthough this might be the highest prized gun holster on our list, its quality, design, and effectiveness are second to none. It is also compatible with most gun models but might require a little modification for an extra-perfect fit.This holster is one of the most affordable options on our list. It is also for universal use because the manufacturers regard this product as a “free-size” item. We say it is a “one size fits all” holster, and you cannot go wrong with this choice.Simple and efficient! We recommend this Explorer tactical holster for anyone who owns a firearm because it is not fitment-specific.Expensive but effective! The Jotto Gear Quick Access Holster offers the best locking mechanism on the list. We recommend this holster for all-round protection.

Recommended Car Holster Products – Full Review

DD Quickdraw Car Holster – Perfect fit for all Glock models

This magnetic car holster by the DD brand is available in a pack of 4 sets. It is an upgraded design of the previous DD magnetic model. Thanks to this upgrade, the gun holster has a better design and structure, making it a perfect fit for flat top guns.

The DD holster has an easy mount and lock mechanism that ensures maximum security for your firearm. The package includes mounting screws, magnetic gun clips, and other tools required for installation. It can accommodate a maximum weight capacity of 7kg.


  • Compatible with Glock models: The DD gun car holster is a perfect fit for all Glock pistol models.
  • Powerful Magnet Mount: You don’t have to bother about the magnet being too weak to hold your gun in place. The DD car holster has a strong magnetic mount that holds tightly to your pistol and prevents it from falling off
  • High Quality: This is an absolute buy if you want great value for your money.
  • Great Price: The holster isn’t too costly. It has just the right price for the kind of quality you need.
  • Can be mounted anywhere: The Quickdraw holster is easily mounted on other non-vehicle surfaces.
  • Mounting kit: Mounting clips, screws, and particles are included in the packaging of this product.


  • Specific fit: The DD Quickdraw holster is only perfect for flat top guns. It does not fit round top guns. Therefore, you have to confirm its compatibility with your pistol model before placing an order.
  • Might scratch your firearm: Be careful when fixing your pistol to the magnet mount. In the process of attaching your gun to the magnet mount, it might leave some scuff-scratches on it. The anti-scratch foam included in the center of the holster is not large enough to prevent scratches on other areas.

Our Verdict

For quality and price, the DD Quickdraw holster is an excellent option. If you own any Glock pistol model, then this is the product you’ve been searching for.

Stinger Magnetic Car Holster – Recommended for Sig P365 and Ruger LC9 gun model

The Stinger gun magnet holster performs double functions. It serves as a magnetic mount and a trigger guard protection. Besides keeping your gun safe, you can also prevent trigger accidents with these holster guard protection features. The Stinger mount is made from the best and rarest metal material – neodymium. When riding on bumpy paths and rough areas, you can be sure that your gun wouldn’t fall out of its hold.

The locking car holster is an excellent fitment for most guns. However, you still need to confirm its compatibility with whatever model you own.


  • Fits most models: The stinger 9mm car holster is not strictly selective. It is designed to fit models from most gun manufacturers.
  • Dual Function: It has a strong magnet mount that holds the gun firmly and a trigger guard protection, which protects the gun trigger areas from an accidental discharge.
  • Strong Magnetic Mount: Besides the weak adhesive on the back of the holster, it has a strong magnet mount. Its magnetic mount can also hold up to 15lbs
  • Mounts anywhere: This vehicle car holster suits other surfaces such as walls, offices, bedside nightstand, and closet.
  • Great value for money: Although this holster is on the high side, in terms of price, it is the best choice for all the value you need.
  • Sturdy design: Stinger gun car holster is made of the rarest metals and has a soft rubber coating that prevents scratches on its finish.


  • Guard protection not for non-flats: The trigger protection feature might not be a perfect fit for step-on slides or non-flat slides like the Springfield XD.
  • Weak adhesive: Product users complain about the weak adhesive on the product. However, the manufacturers state that the adhesive is used to keep the holster in place while mounting it correctly.
  • Might require slight modifications: When installing the Stinger holster, you might have to make slight modifications, depending on where you intend to mount it and the structure of your firearm.

What do we think?

Although this might be the highest prized gun holster on our list, its quality, design, and effectiveness are second to none. It is also compatible with most gun models but might require a little modification for an extra-perfect fit.

Depring Concealed Carry Car Holster – Recommended as a Universal Gun fit

The Depring concealed holster is a free-sized product suitable for all gun models. It is made of the best quality nylon, which wouldn’t tear easily. With metal clips and strap mounts, the Depring conceal carry car holster is equipped to hold tightly to your guns. It can be mounted anywhere and can also serve as a body holster for both left-handed and right-handed individuals.


  • Soft and Snug: The Depring holster provides a soft and snug fit wherever it is installed.
  • Universal fit: The nylon holster can be installed on whatever surface, and it is suited to fit all gun models. The holster can be easily modified to fit into larger guns.
  • Low-priced: With this holster, you can include some extra cash in your savings. It is economical and offers an affordable solution for storing your firearms.
  • Durable Material: Depring holster is made of durable nylon material that is anti-scratch and anti-tear.


  • Not tight fit on all surfaces: Although this holster can be mounted on numerous surfaces, it might not provide a tight fit. In some parts of the car, like under the steering wheel mount, the gun might fall during driving, especially in bumpy areas.

Our Opinion

This holster is one of the most affordable options on our list. It is also for universal use because the manufacturers regard this product as a “free-size” item. We say it is a “one size fits all” holster, and you cannot go wrong with this choice.

GunHold Car Holster – Recommended for all Glock handguns and Beretta PX4 Storm sub-compact

This car holster by the GunHold brand was specifically made for flat top handguns. Its innovative design can firmly hold flat top handguns, irrespective of their sizes. The manufacturers of this product boast of the customer confidence they have gained due to the high quality and zero risk attached to this holster. Like most holsters on this list, its installation is not limited to a vehicle; it can be mounted anywhere.


  • Well-built structure: The GunHold car holster magnet has a sturdy design, and it fits the exact description made in its advertisements.
  • Economical: The GunHold holster is a budget-friendly item for your gun. You wouldn’t have to break a bank to afford it.
  • Perfect Gift Item for loved ones: This is a perfect item to gift your loved ones. They will appreciate its quality.
  • Universal mount: This gun item can be mounted anywhere. It is not only car-specific but can also be installed on door frames, bedside, walls, and offices.
  • Easy installation: Mounting the GunHold holster does not require any extra modifications to make it fit, as long as it is used for the right gun model.


  • Weak Magnet Mount: The few criticisms against the product were against its magnetic mount. Some product users complain that the gun might fall off when driving through a bump.
  • Selective Fit: The GunHold holster is best suited for flat top handguns, irrespective of their sizes.

Our Opinion

With an affordable price and risk-free mounting, the GunHold car holster is a recommended gift item for your loved one.

Explorer Tactical Car Holster for Gun – Best 38 Special Car Holster

The tactical car holster by the Explorer brand has a unique polyester design. It is quite different from other holsters made with metal materials. It has four different elastic hooks that secure its panel to the car. The detachable holster has a belt clip, which aids easy installation and removal. It is not fitment-specific because it suits different gun models.

The Explorer tactical holster is made of heavy-duty polyester and has extra removable mag holders, which help with the organization of items stored in the holster.


  • Detachable design: The Explorer holster has a belt clip and four elastic hooks that enable easy installation and removal. You can always remove the holster when you deem fit without creating dents or scratches on the installed surface.
  • Organized spaces: It has three removable mag holders that aid this organization, making it suitable to contain other items.
  • Quality material: The holster is made from heavy-duty polyester material, ensuring durability and a longer life span.
  • Simple and effective: It has a simple design, and it is properly built to serve its best purpose as a holster.
  • Universal use: The holster is not fitment-specific, and it is compatible with every other handgun model.


  • Specific tactical holster: The Explorer car holster only serves vehicular purposes. It can not be used anywhere else.
  • Not a trigger guard: The 38 special car holster does not protect triggers adequately from accidental discharge.

What do we think?

Simple and efficient! We recommend this Explorer tactical holster for anyone who owns a firearm because it is not fitment-specific.

DeYoungArbeit Concealed Carry Car Holster- Best compact-sized Gun holster

This model of the DeYoungArbeit holster is designed for flat top handguns, and it is made of neodymium magnets, which triggers a better magnetic mount. It is not best for any other gun model and specific non-ferrous guns. Thanks to its wishbone shape and integrative design, your gun is safe from scratches.

The DeYoung brand also assures you of maximum satisfaction with this product through its lifetime warranty offer. The in car holster is easily mounted on multiple surfaces.


  • Lifetime Warranty: With the Deyoung holster, you are sure of optimum satisfaction when using the product due to the offer of a lifetime warranty.
  • Universal Mount: It can be mounted on multiple flat surfaces ranging from desks, cars, trucks, and nightstands.
  • Strong Magnet: Keep your guns tucked away tightly, and do not bother about bumpy roads or rough rides.
  • Attractive packaging: The DeYoung Arbeit comes in an attractive box that includes other mounting kits and screws used for installation.
  • Affordable: The DeYoung Arbeit is pretty much the next item you should include on your next budget.


  • Fitment-Specific: It cannot fit cut-out slides like the Beretta model and other specific models of non-ferrous guns. The holster is specifically made for flat top handguns.
  • Not for larger guns: The car holster for 9mm is not suitable for larger guns. It fits compact-sized guns perfectly, but it is not the best choice for anything bigger.

Our judgment

With an excellent design and an affordable price, this car holster is the best choice for your compact-sized guns.

DB Quickdraw Magnetic Car Holster – Best fit for Taurus G2C

The military camouflage holster is a special-colored flat top handgun item. One major attractive feature of the DB withdraw magnetic mount holster is its multi-color options and sturdy design. It serves both hidden and concealed holster purposes because it can be installed on any surface. Product users are promised a one-year warranty, including a free product exchange or full money refund during the duration of the warranty.


  • Multi-colored design: The camouflage concealed gear car holster has an attractive color, which is best for color-lovers.
  • Sturdy structure: Besides its attractive design, the DB holster is also well-built
  • One-year Warranty: This product is covered by a one-year warranty, which includes a free product exchange and a full money refund.
  • Secure Magnet Hold: Its strong and secure magnetic mount is what you have been searching for along.
  • Slide feature: Product users praise the efficiency of the slide feature included in this product, even when the gun is mounted.


  • Fitment-specific: It does not fit Sigs and 1911s. It is designed for flat top handguns.
  • Description Differences: Criticisms against the product exposes us to a slight deviation from the size and number of what is delivered, as opposed to the advertisements.

What do we think?

The military camouflage car holster mount has one of the best designs you will ever across, and we say; the product is an absolute yes!

Jotto Gear Locking Car Holster- Best for Glock 17 Gen5 model

This list ends with one of the most expensive car holsters. It is made by the Jotto Gear brand and has a perfect security feature.

The Jotto Gear access holster has a locking security mechanism that provides users quick yet simple access to get out their guns. This might be a pretty expensive option, but it is best for children’s protection and also keeps your gun out of the reach of criminals. The locking car holster is designed to keep your gun dirt-free, scratch-free, and dent-free.


  • Special lock mechanism: It doesn’t have a vault, but it offers a quick access lock that keeps your gun safe and secure.
  • Enables Children protection: If you have a child that always plays around with your things without caution, you might risk the price and get this gun holster to keep your child extra safe.
  • Multiple mounting options: The Jotto Gear access can be mounted in your car, office, and other compatible surfaces at your home.
  • Dirt-proof design: It is designed to keep the gun clean and void of scratches, dents, or dirt.


  • Expensive: The Jotto Gear quick access holster is very expensive. Although it offers several unique features, you might have to check through your budget before placing an order
  • Tricky installation: Mounting this gear could be quite tricky and pose some difficulty to users.

Our Verdict

Expensive but effective! The Jotto Gear Quick Access Holster offers the best locking mechanism on the list. We recommend this holster for all-round protection.

Other Alternate Products

Acexier Gun Car Holster

The Universal Velcro gun car holster has a 3M foam adhesive, and it is made from high-quality nylon. It has a belt clip that keeps the holster safe and secure. Just like other holsters, it can be used for multiple purposes. We recommend this as an alternative ‘one size fits all’ option for all gun owners.

Gexgune Car Holster 9mm

The Gexgune bedgun holster is made of Nylon and Elastic Material, and it is specifically designed for Beretta 92, Glock 18,19,26, 9mm, and 1911s. It provides you a convenient option to keep and access your guns. It has an adjustable Velcro design that makes the holster compatible with different handgun sizes. The product is also covered by a lifetime warranty.

Buyers Guide for Choosing the Perfect Car Holsters

Getting a car holster isn’t difficult, but there are certain factors you have to consider before making a final choice for one. We will consider a few of these factors in this review. At the end of this section, you will know if you really need to place that order or not.

Why do you need a Gun Car Holster?

Gun Car Holsters are arguably a necessary addition to your car. Some car owners complain of the stress involved in keeping your firearms in your car and going back for it when needed. However, a Gun Car Holster is very important; here are some of the reasons:

  • Prevents discomfort

People carry firearms on different parts of their bodies – appendix, rear belt, body holsters, the options are inexhaustible. However, each of these options could provide some form of discomfort when driving. Normal holsters could also pose a problem when you have to use your seat belt. In these scenarios, car holster mounts could be very useful.

  • Ease of Access

A car holster offers you more ease of accessing your gun. On the issue of ease of access, says,

“Mounting your firearm in your vehicle isn’t only for comfort, though. There are many situations where drawing your firearm against the back of the seat or the sides of the center console may inhibit your speed and efficiency.”

  • Out of sight

Keeping your firearms in a vehicle holster keeps them out of the sight of criminals or other prying eyes. If you are trying to skip jail troubles with the authorities, you might also need to consider getting a hidden car holster to keep your gun hidden. Nonetheless, it is important to confirm the legal regulations for possessing firearms in your region before moving about with these weapons.

Legal Regulations

Various legal regulations guide the possession of firearms in different localities. You have to know these regulations, so you don’t spend a night in the cell during your trip.

According to, the US FOPA act allows possession of guns without a permit.

“Federal laws regarding travel with a firearm are fairly straightforward. There is no permit needed. The Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA) protects you from local restrictions if you are transporting your firearm for lawful reasons.”

US, Mexico, and Guatemala give their citizens the constitutional right to own firearms. Nonetheless, there are strict rules and guidelines regarding buying the gun and keeping it. For some other countries, owning a firearm requires a permit. It might be illegal to be caught with a firearm.

For more information on interstate and country restrictions on the use of firearms, click here and here.

Legal regulations are very important, and before going a trip, crosscheck the regulations guiding all states in the route you intend to take. To avoid trouble from legal authorities, you have to do your homework.

How compatible is it?

This is the first question you must answer before purchasing a gun car holster. Different holsters are suited for different gun models. However, some serve as a universal fit, while others may be fitment-specific. It is important to crosscheck that the holster you intend to buy is suitable for your kind of handgun, whether it is a flat top, cut-out slide, or a short-compact sized gun. Checking out for these features will help you prepare for modifications or whatever requirements are involved in the final choice you make.

How safe is it?

People buy gun holsters for different reasons. For some, it might just be a storage option. For others, it could be a secure option away from the prying eyes of criminals. If you are a member of the latter team, you have to ensure that the holster you settle for has some protection. It could be a trigger guard or a locking mechanism that keeps it out of the reach of thieves or straying children.

What kind do you want?

Magnet mount holster, detachable Velcro holster, or a car gun safe? What would you rather choose? Each of them possesses unique qualities. The Magnet mount provides a firm hold on your gun and prevents the gun from falling off during bumpy rides, while the velcro foam might not provide such a firm hold.

How much do you intend to spend?

Budget is a major factor that informs what you buy or leave. Some car holsters are very expensive, while others are quite economical. Always remember that in some cases, price plays a major factor in defining the quality of a car holster.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Car Holsters

My friend once told me about the gum creek car holster mount. Can you kindly list some of the features of the mount?

The Gum creek car holster mount was made in USA and has a limited lifetime warranty on all purchases from the right source. It works with most holsters that have a belt loop or clip. The mount is built to suit small and large handguns, and it does not require the use of any tool to mount. It can be installed without any drilling done, and it does not obstruct the driving process since it easily switches vehicles.

Please, who can send me a link to the CCW tactical car holster product that I can use?

The CCW tactical car holster gun mount for trucks can be found on E-bay or Amazon

Will the Alien Gear Car Holster work for my Glock 26?

Absolutely! It would suit perfectly.

Can I travel with a gun in my car?

This depends on the state and local laws in your region. Some federal guidelines allow the possession of firearms without any permit, while some don’t. Confirm the legal regulations you might have to face and use a holster to conceal your weapon if you have to.


Irrespective of the kind of handgun you own, it is imperative that you find a compatible holster option that suits your vehicle’s needs.

In this review, we have explored various fitment-specific and universal options that are custom made for your gun model. However, your budget might greatly influence the choice you eventually settle for.

It is also important that you confirm the legal regulations of firearms in your driving region before you fully commence on your trip to avoid embarrassment from appropriate authorities.

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