Hide your guns under your truck seats with these custom-made truck gun racks. Find out the brand we recommend for your pick-up as you read through this article.

Are you a hunter? Store your firearms safely in a vehicle gun rack installed in your car. In this review, we will lead you through the best rack options, installation procedures, and every other feature application you need to get started.

Do you use an ATV for your hunting expenditures? Then, you probably hate the stress of balancing this gun while driving. Besides the risk involved in keeping these guns carelessly, it is also bad for driving.

Truck gun racks are custom-made solutions for the typical off-road hunter who owns a pick-up truck or an SUV. They keep the gun secure and safe from other elements. With these truck seat gun racks, you can focus on your off-road trip and enjoy the experience.

In this article, we will explore some of the best brands available in the market. We will also guide you through the installation procedures, factors you have to consider when getting a rack, and every other question you might need an answer to. Read, share, and let us know what you think.

Best Rated Truck Gun Rack 2022 – Du-Ha Under Seat Storage Gun Rack


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Hide your shotgun/rifle of sight underneath back seat
  • Can holds up to two shotguns or rifles and 1 with scope
  • Made from Heavy duty polyethylene
  • Engineered for specific truck with matching interior colors

Best For GM Tucks – Du-Ha Seat Storage Gun Rack

Best For Ford 15 – 21 F-150 – Du-Ha Truck Seat Gun Rack

Best For Toyota Tundra – Du-Ha Truck Seat Gun Rack

  • 14-18 Chevrolet Silverado
  • 14-18 GMC Silverado
  • Sierra Light Duty Crew Cab
  • 15-19 Heavy Duty Crew Cab
  • 15 -21 Ford F150 SuperCrew
  • 7-17 Toyota Tundra
  • Double Cab
  • Color Varieties
  • Legal
  • Organized Items
  • Popular Brand
  • Lifetime Warranty/Moneyback guarantee
  • Great Value
  • Available in four colors
  • Large Storage capacity
  • Long-lasting span
  • Easy installation process
  • Different Fit
  • Sturdy Design
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy Installation
  • Organization
  • Fitment-Specific
  • Advert Differences
  • Missing Mounting slots
  • Not for Crew Max
  • Missing Mounting Hardware
ColorBlack, Tan, BrownBlack, Tan, BrownBlack, Tan, Dark Gray
VerdictAs a reputable and top-notch brand, Du-Ha offers you the best with these storage case box specifically made for GMC and Chevrolet Silverado.Du Ha always gets a yes from us! So, if you own a 15-21 Ford F150, then here is the answer you’ve searching the internet for.With every popular quality checked on the list, we recommend the Du-Ha Toyota Tundra truck gun racks for all double cab owners. You can’t go wrong with this choice.

Best For 09-14 Ford F150 – Du-Ha Truck Seat Gun Rack

Best For RAM 1500 – Du-Ha Storage Gun Rack

Best For 6-14, 17 Honda Ridgeline – Du Ha Under Seat Storage Gun Rack




  • 9-14 Ford F150 SuperCrew
  • Dodge RAM 1500 Crew Cab
  • 6-14, 17 Honda Ridgeline
  • Well-Built and Sturdy
  • Simple Install
  • Color Variants
  • Durability
  • Value for Money
  • Spacious Storage Capacity
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Large
  • Thickness
  • Value for Money
  • Bolt-on Install
  • Sturdy seperators
  • Fitment-Specific
  • Lack of extra mount hole
  • Expensive
  • High-Priced
  • Fitment-specific
ColorBlack, Tan, GrayBlackBlack, Gray
VerdictIf you own a Ford F150 Supercrew model without factory subwoofers that falls between 2009-2014, we recommend this Du-Ha case box as an absolute buy.The Ram storage truck tool box gun rack might be quite pricey, but the value one gets from its usage cannot be overlooked.This is the best under-seat storage case you will ever find for your Honda Ridgeline in all the truck gun racks for sale.

Overhead Roof Top/ Floor mounted Racks


Best Floor Mounted Car Gun Rack – By Kolpin

Best Users Choice Overhead Truck Gun Rack – Great Day Gun Rack

Best Value Truck Overhead 2-Guns Rack – By BigSky





  • UTVs
  • Specific ATVs
  • Full-sized trucks
  • SUVs

(With no equipment handing down the roof or roof liners)

  • Double-wall roofs
  • Through sidewalls
  • Through the roof
  • Produced for UTVs
  • Easy Install
  • Excellent Gun Accessory
  • Lock mechanism
  • Well-Built
  • Fits most full-sized trucks and SUVs
  • Easy Installation
  • Best Overhead Rack for rifles
  • Long Span
  • Perfect Gift item
  • Extra Foam Padding
  • Fitment-Specific
  • Unsteady when mounted
  • Bad Rubber Straps
  • Advert Differences
  • Poor customer support
  • Does not fit with liners
  • Missing Hardware
  • Might need modification
MaterialsRubberAircraft Aluminum FrameStraps – Heavy duty nylon
VerdictAlthough the UTV Kolpin truck console gun rack might require some additional support in some cases, we recommend it for your Utility terrain vehicles.We think that the Center-Lok gun rack is excellent for your truck or SUV, as long as you don’t have liners or DVD players installed on the ceiling.We recommend the Big Sky overhead roof gun rack for its durability and quality build.

Universal Fit Gun Rack


Best Compact Gun Rack – Kolpin Rhino Automotive Gun Rack

Best Gun Rack For UTV – Mydays Vehicle Gun Rack



Kolpin Clamp with a universal fitment in all trucks, SUVs, and trailers


  • Universal Fit
  • Sturdy Design
  • Accommodate multiple rifles
  • Secure
  • Multiple Mount Options
  • Attractive Color Variants
  • Simple Install
  • Multiple Storage Options
  • Convenient Storage Solutions
  • High Quality
  • Difficult Install
  • Lost Straps
  • No separate compartments
  • Extra Cost for Camoflage
MaterialsRubberHeavy Duty Fabric
ColorBlackBlack, Camoflage
VerdictThese giant clamps have a sturdy and attractive design. They are secure but might have a tricky installation procedure. Once you get that sorted out, this gun rack is a good deal.We recommend this as a storage solution for a single gun. It is not ideal for storing double rifles; else you might have to stack them on each other. It can be used as a back glass gun rack

Recommended Truck Gun Rack Products – Fulle Review

Du-Ha Seat Storage Gun Rack – Best for 14-18 Chevrolet/GMC Silverado

Custom made for 14-18 Chevrolet/GMC Silverado/Sierra Light Duty Crew Cab

The Du-Ha storage case box is custom made for the 2014-2018 Chevrolet/GMC Silverado, Sierra Light Duty Crew Cab, and 2015-2019 Heavy Duty Crew Cab. It is available in three different colors – Black, Tan, and Brown. The case box has nylon straps and buckles that attaches them safely underneath your seat and prevents them from sliding out from their position during driving.

This Du Ha model comes with organizers and can hold two shotguns and rifles, or one with scope. This product has a one-month money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.


  • Color Varieties: The Du-Ha storage case has three different color variants for a perfect blend with your car seat.
  • Legal: The seat gun rack is accepted as a legal gun storage item in most regions. Although, you might have to crosscheck that it is also accepted in your region.
  • Organized Items: The dividers in these truck seat gun holders help you create organized spaces to store other items.
  • Popular brand: The Du-Ha is a popular and reliable brand. This gives users double assurance of its quality.
  • Lifetime Warranty and Money-back guarantee: There is a one-month guarantee and lifetime warranty on this product. What could be more enticing?
  • Great value for your money: The Du-Ha storage case is a good deal. Affordable price and high quality – a mix everyone loves.


  • Fitment-Specific: The storage case cannot fit into the seat compartment of every vehicle. It is custom-made for specific vehicle models.
  • Description Differences: Product users complain that the items delivered are different from those items shown in the images advertised.

Our Verdict

As a reputable and top-notch brand, Du-Ha offers you the best with these storage case box specifically made for GMC and Chevrolet Silverado.

Kolpin Floor Mounted Car Gun Rack

Kolpin UTV Gun rack is produced from heavy-duty rubber, which holds the firearm’s stock and provides maximum barrel support for your rifle. The in-cab is specifically designed for Utility Terrain Vehicles, and it fits into the flat floors of this vehicle. It is a fitment-specific kind of gun rack for trucks.


  • Produced for UTVs: The Kolpin rack was specifically designed to fit into the floors of Utility Terrain Vehicles.
  • Easy install: The Kolpin rack is easily installed. Its installation process isn’t as tricky or complicated as other clamps.
  • Excellent Gun accessory: If it fits into your UTV, it will serve you the best purpose.


  • Fitment-specific: The floor mounted gun racks for trucks is not designed to fit all vehicles. Therefore, it is not a universal option for everyone.
  • Unsteady when mounted: The Kolpin rack might be quite unsteady or flex when mounted. It might need additional support to remain steady.
  • Bad Rubber Straps: Product users complain that the rubber straps break frequently, and their quality cannot be trusted.

Our Verdict

Although the UTV Kolpin truck console gun rack might require some additional support in some cases, we recommend it for your Utility terrain vehicles.

Du-Ha Truck Seat Gun Rack – Best for 2015-2021 Ford F-150 SuperCrew

The 20110 model of the Du-Ha gun racks for trucks are custom made for the 2015-2017 F150 Supercrew model. It is available in four different color models – Black, Tan, Brown, and Light Gray. These colors are made to match the possible interior colors of your seats. The Du Ha case boxes are made from polyethylene and have a lifetime warranty. The manufacturer assures users of the ability of the case to accommodate up to 3 shotguns or rifles.


  • Available in four colors: The truck cab gun rack has four different color varieties to match the interior of your car.
  • Large Storage Capacity: The manufacturers assure users that the product can accommodate about 3 shotguns or rifles – 1 with scope.
  • Long-lasting span: As a reliable brand, the Du-Ha storage case box is guaranteed to last you for a long time. Its lifetime warranty ensures that this is not a mere promise.
  • Easy installation process: You wouldn’t have to sweat or call in all the neighbors for help before getting your pickup gun rack fixed and ready for use.


  • Missing mounting slots: One more mounting slot is needed on the box to make it install firmly in its position. However, the lack of it has triggered complaints from some users

Our Opinion

Du Ha always gets a yes from us! So, if you own a 15-21 Ford F150, then here is the answer you’ve been searching the internet for.

Du-Ha Truck Seat Gun Rack – Best for 2007-2017 Toyota Tundra Double Cab

Du-Ha storage case, model 60051, is custom made for Toyota Tundra 2007-2017. The case box is made in two different designs that can accommodate a Toyota Tundra without any factory subwoofers and models with factory subwoofers. Like other Du-Ha models, it has three color varieties – Black, Tan, and Dark Gray. It is made from high-grade polyethylene, and it has the lifetime guarantee, typical of other Du-Ha cases. The Toyota Tundra gun rack for pickup only holds up 2 (two) rifles or shotguns with scopes.


  • Different fit: The Toyota Tundra case box has two suitable models for trucks with factory subwoofers and those without factory subwoofers.
  • Sturdy design: Made from the best grade of Polyethylene material, what more could you ask for in any truck gun racks for sale.
  • Lifetime Warranty: A long-lasting span is the greatest assurance every person needs when purchasing any product. The Du-Ha brand places this quality at the core of the manufacturing of its case boxes.
  • Easy Installation: The Toyota Tundra storage case is easily installed. No modifications are required.
  • Organization: Check this off your list of qualities because the Toyota Tundra storage case has dividers and gun racks that make the process of organizing your items easy and enjoyable.


  • Not for crew max: These case boxes are specifically for the listed year models of Toyota Tundra Double Cab. They are not suitable for the crew max model.
  • Missing Mounting Hardware: This could be caused by poor quality control on the part of the manufacturers.


With every popular quality checked on the list, we recommend the Du-Ha Toyota Tundra truck gun racks for all double cab owners. You can’t go wrong with this choice.

Du-Ha Truck Seat Gun Rack – Best for 2009-2014 Ford F-150 SuperCrew

Du-Ha truck seat gun holder for Ford F150 Supercrew model is compatible with 2009-2014 Ford Supercrew models without a factory subwoofer. It has its varieties of black, gray, and tan. Thanks to its storage capacity, the case holds 2 (two) shotguns or rifles and 1 with scope.

Made from the typical heavy-duty polyethylene, you shouldn’t expect any less quality with this case box.


  • Well-built and Sturdy: This serves as the best truck gun rack for Ford F150 Supercrew max due to its sturdiness and design.
  • Simple Installation: Position your box under your truck seat, fit in the screws, and you’re good to go! No hassles or stress.
  • Color Variants: Three different colors for best compatibility. With the perfect match, no one will know you have a box installed underneath your seat.
  • Durability: A lifetime warranty and a reliable manufacturer, you don’t have to bother about a case box breaking within a few months of use.


  • Lack of extra mount hole: Just two mount holes are provided to secure the case box underneath the seat.
  • Fitment-specific: It does not fit models with factory subwoofers.

Our judgment

If you own a Ford F150 Supercrew model without factory subwoofers that falls between 2009-2014, we recommend this Du-Ha case box as an absolute buy.

Great Day Overhead Truck Gun Rack- Best for Full-Size Trucks and SUVs

The SUV gun rack is an overhead rack with two configurations – double and single. It is best suited for roof installations in full-sized trucks and SUVs. This overhead rack might seem like a universal fit, but it does not fit trucks with roof headliners or DVD players hanging from its roof. The locking gun rack truck is coated in enamel and has an aircraft aluminum frame. The rack has Velcro straps that keep the guns in place and holds up different sizes of guns.


  • Lock mechanism: The gun rack has an effective locking mechanism that keeps the gun secured in place.
  • Well-built: The Center-Lok metal gun rack has an aircraft aluminum frame and an enamel coating.
  • Fits most full-size trucks and SUVs: The overhead truck rack fits the rooftop of most trucks and SUVs with no equipments hanging from its top.
  • Easy Installation: It is pretty simple to mount!


  • Advertisement Differences: Some features noted in the online advertisement of the locking gun rack for truck might vary from the actual reality.
  • Poor Customer Service Support: Having issues with the truck ceiling gun rack might take a while to be resolved by the customer service agents.
  • Does not fit with roof liners: The gun rack cannot fit into trucks with roof liners or equipment hanging down from the vehicle’s ceiling.

What do we think?

We think that the Center-Lok gun rack is excellent for your truck or SUV, as long as you don’t have liners or DVD players installed on the ceiling.

Du-Ha Storage Gun Rack – Recommended for Ram 1500 Crew Cab

With just one color – black, this case box is custom made for the Dodge Ram 1500 Crew cab. The box can be easily installed as a seat gun rack in ten minutes. It holds up to 2 shotguns or rifles and one with a scope.


  • Value for money: This case box gives you extreme value for your money. Fix it in your Dodge Ram 1500 and enjoy the experience
  • Spacious Storage Capacity: Manufacturers assure that the case box can fit two shotguns and rifles. It can also be used to store other handy items littered around your car. This helps your car look organized.
  • Sturdy and Durable: Made from top-notch materials, the Du-Ha brand never disappoints.


  • Expensive: The Dodge Ram storage case box is quite pricey for most drivers.

Our Judgment

The Ram storage truck tool box gun rack might be quite pricey, but the value one gets from its usage cannot be overlooked.

Du Ha Under Seat Storage- Best for 2006-2014, 2017 Honda Ridgeline

The Du-Ha storage gun rack for truck tool box might be the largest Du-Ha product. It has just two color variants – black and gray. It is big enough to hold up three shotguns and rifles, or two with scopes. It is custom made for Honda Ridgeline models that fall between 2006-2014 and 2017.


  • Largest: In this vehicle gun rack list and review, the Honda Ridgeline gun seat holder has the largest under-seat storage capacity.
  • Thickness: Try all you can, but this case box isn’t breaking easily.
  • Value for money: Expensive? Yes! However, the value you get is beyond the money paid for the product.
  • Bolt-on installation: In less than twenty minutes, your case box is mounted and ready for use.
  • Sturdy separators: The dividers are well-built and designed to last.


  • High-priced: The Honda-Ridgeline Du-Ha case box is expensive. You might have to go all out for the cost.
  • Fitment-specific: The case box does not fit the 2015 and 2016 Honda Ridgeline. It is necessary to check compatibility before placing an order.

Our opinion

This is the best under-seat storage case you will ever find for your Honda Ridgeline in all the truck gun racks for sale.

Big Sky Truck Overhead 2-Guns Rack – Best Overhead Rack for Rifles/Shotguns and ARs

The Big Sky double truck roof gun rack has a dense ensolite foam that protects your gun from scratches and other elements. It can be mounted on the ceiling of your truck with its screws or through bolts. All the hardware kits required for a successful installation is included in the packaging. The truck ceiling gun racks can be installed on double-wall roofs, through the roof or the sidewall. The strap on the rack is made of top-grade nylon.


  • Best overhead rack for AR, shotguns and rifles: The big-sky gun rack holds these guns solidly and securely without letting them fall off.
  • Long span: You can use this truck overhead gun rack for as long as possible.
  • Perfect gift items for male loved ones: This is the best gift item for your brother, husband, or son.
  • Extra Foam Padding: The inclusion of ensolite foam padding is an excellent protection for your rifles.


  • Missing Hardware: Some delivered packages lack the promised hardware for installation due to poor quality control.
  • Might require some modification: For some gun sizes and types, the gun rack might need some tweaking to fit those purposes.

Our Verdict

We recommend the Big Sky overhead roof gun rack for its durability and quality build.

Mydays Vehicle Gun Racks – Best Attractive Gun Bag Rack

My days rear window gun rack has an attractive camouflage variant. The bag-like gun rack is made from top-grade fabric. Thanks to its water resistance and exterior coating, it provides maximum weather protection. The pickup truck rear window gun rack has several compartments and mesh pockets, which hold your gun and provides space to store other items.

The truck rear window gun rack also attaches closely to a Utility Terrain Vehicle with its straps and buckles. It also has zippers on each side.


  • Attractive Color variants: My days truck window gun rack has two attractive variants – black and camouflage, for every buyer’s choice
  • Simple installation: Get the straps and buckle in, and you’re good to go!
  • Multiple Storage options: The bag-like gun rack has several compartments and mesh pockets to store guns and different items.
  • Convenient storage solution: It has zippers for easy access to your guns and items.
  • High Quality: The gun rack for truck back window is made from top-quality fabric.


  • No separate compartments: You might have to stack your guns on each other if you choose to store more than one rifle in this bag. It is only best as a storage solution for single rifles or shotguns
  • Extra Cost for Camouflage: You will have to pay extra to get the camouflage variant.


We recommend this as a storage solution for a single gun. It is not ideal for storing double rifles; else you might have to stack them on each other. It can be used as a back glass gun rack.

Kolpin Rhino Automotive Gun Racks – Recommended as a Universal Gun Clamp

Kolpin Clamp with a universal fitment in all trucks, SUVs, and trailers

This Rhino Grip by the Kolpin brand is defined to fit all kinds of trucks, trailers, and SUVs. It is a double gun holder for trucks, which can be mounted on bars or flat surfaces. However, wherever this Kolpin Rhino Grip is mounted, one must note that such surface must be drillable because the gun holder requires drilling. The gun rack has secure rubber grips that can accommodate items as weighty as 15 pounds. Here is a link to the manufacturer’s user guide for this product.


  • Universal fit: The Kolpin vehicle gun rack can fit into any vehicle – SUVs, trucks, trailers, ATVs, or RVs. It is not model specific, and this makes it an excellent option for all rifle owners.
  • Sturdy Design: When you look at the Kolpin Rhino Grip clamp, quality speaks. It is made from the best materials and its design is top-notch and attractive
  • Can accommodate multiple rifles: The clamp rack has different model sets depending on the number of guns you intend to secure.
  • Secure: During bumpy rides on rough terrain, these clamps are sure to hold your gun in place without causing them to fall out.
  • Multiple Mount options: The truck gun rack can be mounted on any flat surface or tubular and square bar that is drillable.


  • Difficult Installation: The installation of these gun clamp might be quite tricky for those who don’t clearly understand the processes involved.
  • Lost straps: The clamps have straps that get lost easily when not in use. It becomes harder to find them when they are not strapped over an item.

Our Verdict

These giant clamps have a sturdy and attractive design. They are secure but might have a tricky installation procedure. Once you get that sorted out, this gun rack is a good deal.

Alternate Vehicle Gun Racks

Du-Ha Black Storage Gun Rack

We recommend the Du-Ha black tote box as an alternate solution for a truck bed gun rack. It can hold four shotguns and rifles with or without scopes. The Du Ha box is a universal fit for most SUV and pick up trucks.

Big Sky Truck 1-Gun Rack Overhead

We recommend the Big Sky single overhead gun rack as a cheaper storage solution over its double counterpart. It can be fitted on your double-walled roof, through the roof, or through the side walls. It has foam padding that protects your gun.

Why You Need A Vehicle Gun Rack?

Guns are used for different purposes, apart from their function as a weapon of defense. Hunters also need these guns during their off-road hunting trips. However, keeping these guns safe is very important. To achieve this, you need a Vehicle Gun Rack. Here are some reasons why you need a gun rack:


Imagine driving your truck while trying to balance a gun or the hurt from trying to balance a gun while reading. There are different automotive gun racks designed to suit your purpose. From under-seat storage gun racks to overhead gun racks, these items provide you a safe space to store your guns, irrespective of the number of guns you own. Some of these racks also provide spaces for you to keep other fishing or hunting items.

Safe from elements

With car gun racks, you can keep the gun safe from scratches, dents, vibrations, dirt and, exposure to water. This case serves as a perfect home away from home for your guns. You can focus on driving without worrying if your guns are safe.

Organization of your items

Besides keeping a gun in these racks, especially the under-seat storage racks, dividers are provided to help you with the organization of your items. You can store other handy items in these gun boxes and save yourself some space in your truck.

A night away from jail

On, John Galway comments on the need for gun racks,

“Bad idea to leave guns on display. I can’t see the upside to it, gives thieves a shopping list and complainers something to moan about. not sure how the law sees it but if I was to have a gun in my car I’d rather not meet the cops with it on display like that.

Out of sight, out of mind “

Vehicle Gun Rack Buying Guide -What You Must Know Before Getting A Vehicle Gun Rack

Purchasing a gun rack involves more than seeing a fancy product and placing an order for it. Some factors must be sorted out before opting for your best brand of gun racks for vehicles. With these factors checked out of your box, you’re definitely purchasing the best choice available for you. So, let’s get started!


You have to decide which of the numerous kinds of gun racks you will settle for. From the under-seat storage cases, behind-the-seat- gun racks, window gun racks, clamp racks, there are a variety of racks that will thrill you. If you intend to store other items, you could settle for the under-seat case racks because they provide dividers and extra spaces to keep your items organized. If your car cannot accommodate these case boxes, then you might have to settle for overhead truck gun racks, which utilize the space in your ceiling.

Vehicle Compatibility

There are custom-made SUV gun racks and pick-up truck gun racks, which might not be a universal fit. You have to ensure that you crosscheck the vehicle fitment of whatever gun rack you intend to buy. It will be quite disappointing to buy a Toyota Tundra gun rack for a Ford F150; it might not fit or require more costly modifications than you are willing to make, especially if your car model is not stated in the product manual.


You need a sturdy and durable truck gun rack truck that can keep your firearms safe and secure from vibrations and other shocks. During bumpy rides and uneven terrains, your gun rack should protect your gun from the effects of such vibrations and shocks. It should also secure your weapon from the elements

Number of Guns

If you have multiple rifles, you have to ensure that the rack you settle for can accommodate all these guns. Do not buy a single clamp rack if you have two guns.

Installation Guide for the Du-ha Gun Rack For GMC Sierra Denali

Installing the Du Ha under-seat storage cases in the GMC Sierra Denali truck is very simple. This process will take you nothing more than five minutes. It is simple and hassle-free. In this guide, we will show you how to get started with these under-seat storage cases. Let us dive in!

  1. At the back seat of your truck, lift up your seat to its highest limit to enable you to work efficiently.
  2. Position the Du-Ha storage case directly underneath the lifted seats. Once you lift up these seats, there is enough space for your case box to occupy.
  3. Check under your seats for some metal loops. These metal loops are found at the bottom of the back of your seat
  4. Get the straps and fix them through the metal loops to your case box, then tighten them. This prevents the case box from sliding out when driving or when you forcefully push the brakes.
  5. There you have it! Your installation is complete.

Cleaning Guide for Rifles

If you are a hunter who goes on daily hunting trips with your rifle. It is important for you to clean and maintain your weapon frequently. Some drivers claim to clean their guns at the end of every year, but the side effect of such a maintenance schedule is poor shooting accuracy. Cleaning your gun less frequently affects the accuracy of your shot. Robert Arrington of the Dear meat for Dinner on Carharrt advises hunters to clean their guns every day.

To begin the process, you need:

  • A table
  • Towels to lay on the table
  • Cleaning lubricant
  • Rim oil
  • Patches
  • A long Cable
  • A Cleaning Kit
  1. Place your gun on a table laid with towels. This towel is to prevent oil from spilling on the table top.
  2. Take out your magazine and your bolt. You need to do this to avoid accidental discharge while cleaning your rifle. It is advisable to clean the gun when it is empty.
  3. Get a single patch and your long cable, then fix the cable into the patch in a way that the patch attaches firmly to the long cable and can clean your barrel without falling in. To achieve this, fix your long cable into the patch three times
  4. Once fixed, apply some cleaning lubricant on the patch and slide through your breach, then pull out at the other end. Do this as many times as possible. All you want to achieve is to clean the breach till it is completely clean. You can replace the patch as many times as possible till it doesn’t come out with any more dirt or debris.
  5. Get your bolt, then spray it with some rim oil and clean with a towel. This helps prevent corrosion or rust. Do this thoroughly for thirty seconds.
  6. Pick your gun, lay it sideways, and spray with rim oil, then clean with a towel. Do this thoroughly for two minutes, but do not spray the lens of your scope.
  7. When you have completed the above steps, insert your magazine and your bolt, then return your gun to its storage.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Vehicle Gun Racks

Q: Where can I install a Vertical gun rack for truck?

Wooden vertical Gun racks are specially made to hold up as many rifles as possible. They can be mounted on walls or any large flat surface.

Q:Does Allen gun rack come with all the required mounting hardware?

Yes! All the mounting hardware are included in the packaging of this gun rack for truck back window

Q:Kindly recommend a good seat back gun rack for me.

The JinJuli truck gun rack behind seat is available in different colors – black, tan, and green colors. It has a back seat belt that connects to the driver side and the passenger side in your vehicle. The behind seat gun rack contains a pair of two pieces. JinJuli Behind the seat gun rack has straps that secure the rack under the seats.


If you’ve read through our comprehensive review on different brands and kinds of Vehicle Gun Racks available for your car, then you’ve made the best choice on what suits you.

However, remember to confirm the legal regulations against these product in your state or country before installing in your car.

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