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Where world class experts come to train

John Farnam

One of the premier training facilities in the Midwest

Three ranges to 150 yards - NRA action pistol range - 50 yards handgun range
Smith & Wesson Armorer - 90 acres along the Tippecanoe River - FFL

Experts Say:

"The facility hosts different instructors, and while I was there both Massad Ayoob and John Farnam were teaching classes. In addition, the Reichards teach private classes themselves."

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Diverse target scenarios include:

Self-setting tactical rifle targets - multiple barricades - pepper popper range - rotators
NRA action pistol course - falling plate ranges with 3", 6" and 8" plates
duelling mouse gun plates


"putting real-world experience into your gun"

Experts Say:

"Dennis Reichard does a masterful action job on Smith & Wesson revolvers and gunsmithing work comes in from far and wide. He has convinced so many of his nationwide customers to buy S & Ws that he sells a lot of them, and perhaps for that reason he has all the latest and coolest models on hand--stuff you just can't get with a snap of the fingers in most other establishments. Sand Burr Gun Ranch has become the go-to place for all things S & W"

Gun Shop

Firearms, rifles, tactical. gear, books and apparel

Snubby Class

"Everybody carries it;
nobody trains with it"

Sand Burr's "Snubby Class" is dedicated to the short, lightweight revolver that many people carry, but few train with. Learn practical, real-world experience from a wheel gun expert.

D.O. Reichard

Founder & Chairman

A firearms instructor for many years, D. O. Reichard also teaches for Lethal Force Institute. The gun he uses there is invariably his trademark .44 with the 180-grain, 1,600 fps load. This ammo delivers a terrific object lesson in learning how to control recoil. It also adds to the satisfaction of shooting. Those who have seen Reichard compete have nicknamed him "Rolling Thunder." The revolver burned so hot from the powerful rounds that Reichard modified the conventional speed-reloading technique so he wouldn't burn his hands.

Ashley Reichard Gibbons

President & General Manager

"Ashley Reichard, literally grew up with a gun in her hand. She began shooting at age four with a .22 revolver. She loved receiving guns for her birthday and Christmas presents. Ashley grew up with gun people, and as a result, is fluent in every dialect of the language of firearms. Today, Ashley has almost tripled sales at Sand Burr."

Wheel Guns

All weapons are sold and fired at the Sand Burr Gun Ranch, but our special expertise
compels many of our customers to call us "The Wheel Gun Capital of the World."

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Sand Burr Gun Ranch

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